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Sam Bellavance

Hey y’all, my name is Sam. I play bass, design things, and work on guitars for the band. I was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a house just outside of the city. I grew up on my dad’s classic rock and my mom's podcasts. In middle school, I discovered I could have my own taste in music and fell hard for STRFKR, Muse, and Of Montreal. It was also around this time that I started playing bass. 


By my freshman year of high school, I was in two bands with Colin: Blue Pluto, our jazz group, and Overlook. For the next four years, we played out almost every weekend with either band. It was during these years that Colin and I developed telepathy.


In 2019, I left for Los Angeles to study Popular Music at USC. Then the world shut down, and I returned home to work as a luthier at a guitar shop. Despite my anxieties, the universe told me to not return to school. So here I am, in Nashville, on this wild ride.


I’m not much into sports, but I’ll die a red (YNWA)! I like to be outdoors when I can, usually to hike, bike, or practice yoga. I like eating good food, so I cook most nights. And when I can, I find time for a good video game to relax.

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