Sam Bellavance

Hey y’all, my name is Sam. I play bass, design things, and work on guitars for the band. I was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a house just outside of the city. I grew up on my dad’s classic rock and the podcasts my mom would always have playing. In middle school, I discovered I could have my own taste in music and fell hard for STRFKR, Muse, and Of Montreal. It was also around this time that I started playing bass. 


By my freshman year of high school, I was in two bands with Colin, Blue Pluto, our jazz group, and Overlook. For the next four years, we played out almost every weekend with either band, solidifying ourselves as an inseparable rhythm section. These years tremendously influenced me as a musician and a performer. 


In 2019, I left for Los Angeles to study Popular Music at USC. Then the world shut down, and I returned home to work as a luthier at Sweetwater’s Guitar Shop. Despite my anxieties, the universe told me to not return to school. So here I am, in Nashville, on this wild ride.


I’m not much into sports, but I’ll die a red (YNWA)! I like to be outdoors when I can, usually to hike, bike, or practice yoga. I like eating good food, so I cook most nights. And when I can, I find time for a good video game to relax.