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Electronic Press Kit

Overlook - My Woman (Photo Gallery)-30.jpg

Overlook is four lifelong friends: Sam Bellavance (Bass), Carson Bull (Vocals/Guitars), Colin Christenson (Drums), and Jim Haines (Guitar).The band formed in 2016 when all four members were attending high school in Fort Wayne, IN. Each of them grew up on the classic rock their dads played and the alt rock on the local radio stations. Throughout their time in high school, the band played hundreds of shows throughout the greater northeast Indiana area and recorded multiple albums. The band split for college, but the world had other plans. To end their freshman year, the pandemic sent them all back to Fort Wayne. After some time, they decided collectively to drop out of college, move to Nashville, and pursue a career in music together. Now, they share a house, play covers downtown to pay their bills, and are focused on pursuing the band.

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