Electronic Press Kit

Short Bio:

In August of 2016, the four of us met in a basement for our first rehearsal. A month later, we started playing shows in our hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Cut to January of 2018, we released our first single as Overlook. It’s hard to believe that we did all of this while spending our days in high school classrooms just trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  Two studio albums, two EPs, a couple hundred shows, and a short stint at college later, we’re lucky enough to call Nashville home.

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Tech Rider

1. Kick In

2. Kick Out

3. Snare Top

4. Snare Bottom

5. Tom 1

6. Tom 2

7. Overhead Left

8. Overhead Right

9. Bass DI

10. Guitar Amp Mic 1

11. Guitar Amp Mic 2

12. Lead Vocals

13. Lead Vocals

14. Backing Vocals

15. Backing Vocals